Workshops Conducted by Navras Art Academy

Special workshops are arranged every season for all age group in various faculties

  1. Voice Culture

    Voicing is a huge field and in very much demand too. It contain two parts …Dubbing and Recording. In dubbing you lend your own voice to the original character played by someone else and makes it feel as such that person is talking the same. It avails advertisements, films, cartoons, corporate films etc. Where as in recording there is only an Audio part e.g. Radio plays, E-learning etc. Its require language command and vocal acting in both the fields. Hindi and south languages are higher in demand.

    So if you are compatible and sincere then you will find a great opportunity.

  2. Introduction to various dance forms

    "There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them"

    -Vicki Baum

    Navras arranges various dance workshops like introduction to kathak, Salsa, Bollywood dancing, kids special Bollywood dancing, folk dance etc. These workshops arranges frequently,for current events / workshops visit our website. Participants get certificate and a golden chance to perform in presentation of Academy.

  3. Basic Dramatics

    This workshop is basically about removing stage fear, stage walk, appearance ,diction, voice and body projection, characterisation.

  4. Dance Therapy


We would like to share few valuable comments from the participants


Medha Mhatre : (Fashion designer and Merchandiser) : It definitely has given me a different perspective to look at life . Radhika Phanse has explained the concept very nicely and she is definitely a fantastic teacher.

Manisha Sovani : (Architect) : Theme was innovative. It is perfectly applicable for all emotions.

Neelima Surte : (Art & Craft business ) : It was really good exercise to maintain physical & mental balance.

Bhavika Bhase : (Staff Nurse) : It was a very nice gift given by Radhika Phanse through a workshop on International Women's day.

Aarti Gharat : (Travel Consultant) : I felt very lucky enough to have this wonderful experience. The flow of emotions can truly be experienced through different dance styles & It helped me to calm down at the end.

Letter by Mrs. Veena Purohit - View Here